I’m Jim Schlottman, a creative professional with more than 25 years of experience creating all things design. I have all the necessary skills to see any given project from conception through development and design to final product. I have been managing departments and mentoring staff for more than 15 years. I’m not the kind of Director that is comfortable only critiquing other’s work and managing deadlines, I’m a designer, I need to design. Leading by example is one of my strongest assets. I like to create a healthy atmosphere of collaboration and competition to achieve goals.
I feel it would be overly self-serving for me to try and tell you how great I am, so I’ll leave that to those I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years:
 “Jim is able to turn concept into design into product better and more efficiently than anyone
I’ve met in my 30+ years in the graphic arts, printing, publishing and POP industries.”
“Jim Schlottman is the best designer I’ve ever worked with.”
“You want creativity, knowledge of process and speed to market . . .
then you want Jim Schlottman on your team.”
“There are very few Art Directors who come to a shoot with his level of preparedness.
He knows what he wants, how the photographs will support his message, work in his designs
and make for a great finished product.”
“I was always amazed at how Jim was able to virtually read my mind and pull together graphics
and layouts that wowed the clients.”
“I can’t imagine a better graphics partner with such a diversity of talent.”
“ He is a “can do” type of individual who works well with everyone and completes
tasks on time and under budget.”
“Jim was always a quick study and seemed to have a knack for getting the design
right the first time and working very quickly.”

I’m a thoughtful, instinctive, and resourceful creative
My specialties include but are not limited to: Branding, retail packaging, publishing, marketing collateral, illustration, advertising, and POP.
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